Empanelment of Short term consultants:

Various projects of ICFOSS require persons with specific skill set. These engagements will be for duration less than 6 months. Skill sets required shall include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Content Writing
  • DevOp Skills
  • Software Testing
  • Specialised skills in FOSS technologies

Interested persons shall apply with their resumes and indicate their terms of engagement. Applications shall be evaluated by a Technical Committee constituted by ICFOSS. Remuneration shall be based on their experience.

Empanelment of Trainers:

Skill sets required:

  • Various FOSS technologies particularly GNU/Linux systems
  • Administration of Free Operating System
  • Teaching Programming
  • Embedded Systems
  • Free Software for Scientific Applications
  • Free Software for Graphics and Designs
  • Cloud Computing

Interested individuals/organisations shall apply with their resumes and indicate their terms of engagement. Applicants should indicate their experience in training and their geographic area from where they are available. Training curriculum shall be designed and provided by ICFOSS. Remuneration will be on hourly basis as per the norms of ICFOSS. Interested candidates are requested to apply by sending their profile to recruit@icfoss.in on or before 30th October, 2017.